With effect from 1st July 2016, the operations of Generali Pilipinas Life Assurance Company, Inc. (GPLAC) have been reorganized.

GPLAC has been renamed BDO Life Assurance Company, Inc. (BDO Life)1 while Generali Pilipinas Insurance Company, Inc. (GPIC) has been renamed Generali Life Assurance Philippines Inc. (Generali Philippines)2.

All existing individual life policies written by GPLAC prior to 1st July, 2016 including the BDO Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI) Program will continue to be serviced by BDO Life.

All existing group business including Employee Benefits coverage (Life & Health) written by GPLAC prior to 1st July will continue to be serviced by Generali Life Philippines.

There will be no impact on the terms and conditions of all existing policies.

1 BDO Life is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BDO Unibank, Inc.
2 Generali Life Philippines is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Generali Group.

Please click the link below to be redirected to the BDO Life site.

Please click the link below to be redirected to the Generali Life Philippines site.

Should you have further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us:
BDO Life
Telephone Number: 885-4110
Email: we-care@bdolife.com.ph

Generali Life
Telephone Number: (63) 2 580-6600 & (63) 2 894-1135

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Training & Development

GP supports the development of its employees through training programs and other learning opportunities that reinforce their current level of competencies, professionalism and work effectiveness.

Training programs available to our employees are as follows:

A.  New Employees On-boarding Program

NEO is GP's organizational integration program for new employees. It aims to welcome, guide and train new employees to quickly become more effective members of the organization. Training courses include:

  • New Employees Orientation
  • Generali Code of Conduct (e-learning)
  • Anti-Money Laundering Act Orientation
  • Generali On Target: Fundamentals of Life Insurance
  • Performance Development Program Briefing
  • Beyond Customer Loyalty Training
  • On-The-Job Coaching (by their Immediate Superior or Assigned Coach)

B. Staff Development Program

Staff level employees are given training and development opportunities through various courses that focus on developing their customer service, personal effectiveness and technical skills.   HRD implements or supports the following training thru in-house trainer, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or external training providers:

  1. Customer Service Training
    • Beyond Customer Loyalty (Under New Employees On-boarding Program)
    • GP Connect: Behavior Adaptability Training
    • GP PhonEthics: Telephone Skills Training
    • GP Solution: Handling Complaints with Confidence
  2. Personal Effectiveness Training
    • Time Management
    • Corporate Image Enhancement
    • Organizational Skills Training
    • Stress Management
  3. Technical Skills Training
    • GP Individual Life Products Orientation
    • GP Group Life Insurance Training
    • MS Excel Training
    • System User Training (classroom or thru coaching by Immediate Superior or assigned coach)

C. Supervisory Development Program

This is a program that aims to prepare first - time supervisors for their team leader role through courses designed to strengthen or build their supervisory, performance coaching and technical coaching skills.

The following courses are provided by HRD thru an in-house trainer, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or external training providers:

  • Effective First-Time Supervisor
  • Bridge 1: Building a Coaching Relationship
  • Bridge 2: Performance Coaching Skills Training
  • Bridge 3: Technical Coaching Skills Training
  • Personal effectiveness Training (please refer to item B.2)

Additional Training for Team Leaders:

  1. Business English Essentials
  2. Business Writing for Excellent Results

D. Management Development Program

This program primarily caters to the training needs of middle managers specifically in the following competency areas:

  1. Administrative
  2. Communication
  3. Supervisory
  4. Cognitive

It consists of Managing to Excel ™ half-day workshops that will help participants learn about, accept, and experience new best practices.

Each workshop provides opportunity to learn, practice, display and evaluate new knowledge, skills and attitude during the training through experiential activities that include hands-on-exercises, role-plays, script analyses, games, and self-inventories.

The following are the available Managing to Excel™ half-day workshops:

  1. Time Management and Prioritizing
  2. Setting Goals and Standards
  3. Planning and Scheduling Work
  4. Listening and Organizing
  5. Giving Clear Information
  6. Getting Unbiased Information
  7. Training, Coaching and Delegating
  8. Appraising People and Performance
  9. Disciplining and Counseling
  10. Identifying & Solving Problems
  11. Making Decisions, Weighing Risks
  12. Thinking Clearly and Analytically

Aside from the courses mentioned above, employees may also be sent to public/external training, local or regional to address their technical or functional competency needs.